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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Hey everyone,

Although my wife and I won’t be officially celebrating our anniversary until August 27th

We took some time out this Monday to celebrate. I really believe that of all the things that we got to do yesterday, taking some time to just think, reflect and praise God for how good he has been to us was probably the greatest thing that we got to do. We had some time to think of all the good and not so good things that have crossed our paths in the last few years.

Just to think that in last five years we got married, bought a house, left the security of my job for the opportunity that was set before us when we moved the business, we have enjoyed our time together at parties, ball games, and outings. We have also sorrowed together at car accidents, doctor visits and funerals.

I guess that to us life is not so much about what happens to you but whom you are with when it does. To stop and think about all the things in life that really does matter. Such as your faith and family, the core network of people who are with you thru thick and thin. My wish for all of the couples who’s weddings I have had the privilege and honor to shot, document, and photograph is that in your first five years together you really take the time that it takes to share your lives together. That you take the time that is needed to share each other’s dreams, ambitions, goals, hopes and aspirations.

I hope that all of you enjoy looking at our little video of pictures of us sharing our lives together over the past five years we also tried out a place in Crown Point (, which I am recommending to everyone that’s looking for a great Italian restaurant.



Blogger JosephDaniel said...

Dear Becky & Alex:

Thanks for sharing your special memories with us through your blog. Marvelous pictures that show that two happy people can make one excellent life. God bless you both as you celebrate five incredible years of married life. You both deserve the best and we pray that God will bless with many more wonderful years together.

God bless!

Mom and Dad

September 5, 2009 at 5:09 PM  

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