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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Extraordinary moments

When I time the time to reflect upon our lives and the things that make it up, it suddenly dawned upon me that our lives are made up of totally ordinary moments that are intermittently sprinkled with the truly extraordinary ones.

Now some of these are totally spontaneous such as the first time that it dawned on me that I was going to marry the woman that I was dating at the time, but other moments in life are planned and expected. Such is the case for me most every Saturday morning when I gather my gear, shot list, & Mapquest directions and head out for a complete day of what I call planed chaos. From the moment that I greet the couple to the moment that leave for the night, I am constantly looking for unique photographic opportunities.

Such was the case on the day I set out to do this wedding the bride was getting married at the hall so we where taking pictures at the gazebo outside of the hall, during which time I was informed that the bride as allergic to mosquitoes. Since we had to head back in abruptly due to the fact that she was bitten by a mosquito while we where outside. I walked by a window and noticed the way the angle of the sun was hitting it.

I very quickly moved a few things around and asked the bride to posse for me and the following results were nothing short of magical I have included a few pics for you to judge for yourselfs

Until next time